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Travel to Malaysia to see the popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. Vacation to this beautiful country is easy as most tourist come to Malaysia by air fly. There are many International Airlines in Malaysia that would help you to come to Malaysia.

Shah Alam Mosque, Selangor - Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is one of the beautiful countries in South East Asia that many tourists want to visit.  Malaysia is charming and fascinating land because it friendly people.  Vacations in Malaysia will witness a great taste of all of Asian in a single destination.

Visa to Malaysia is needed before you travel to Malaysia.  Malaysia Visa requirements need to be completed if you want to come to Malaysia.  

Penang Bridge - Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Office Kuala Lumpur

To visit Sabah and Sarawak, please be prepared a separate Malaysian Visa. Please consult with Malaysian Embassy or Malaysia Consulate that available in your country.

For further information for Malaysia vacations you may visit Malaysia Tourism Office or Malaysia travel agency in your country in order you have peace of mind while  travel.

Get There

Malaysia can be connected to other parts of the world through several modes of transport such as by air flight, car, trainbus, taxi, walk, bicycle, motorbike, ferry, boat and cruise etc.

Travel in Cities

There are many mode of transportations in the cities and town such as buses, train, taxis, ferry, boat, air flight, monorail and LRT. Car rental companies especially in capital city Kuala Lumpur are always there. 

Where to stay

Tourist can stay in transit hotel in KLIA Airport and many hotels around the country. Malaysia has large selection of accommodations especially in the big cities. There are nice and beautiful hotels and resorts on the small islands in the South China Sea, Penang Island, Langkawi Island and on hill resort such as Genting Highland hotel.  More about where to stay in Malaysia is here.

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