Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Teaching jobs in Malaysia is an opportunity to have best earning for teachers.  Teaching English grammar is an opportunity for specialized teachers from foreign country to work in Malaysia.  Qualified Teachers are needed by the Malaysian government to train students in Malaysia Universities, Business professionals and children in public schools, private language schools and international school.  English teachers are very much in demand in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur and also other big cities.

Teaching English Grammar

Malaysian government has big program in its education system such as to import teachers to teach English in Malaysia in line with its Education System.  This is to create more chances for Malaysian graduates in education and employment in order to improve their communication skills in English. The government has made a decision to import English teachers which is in line with Malaysia Education System.  However, the government must ensure that the teachers employed possess the right qualities as they will teach students in primary and secondary schools.  For more information, you can read this report by the New Straits Times.

English teachers in Malaysia can live quite comfortable and it is possible to make some saving.  In most teaching establishments, a teacher’s work schedule will be around 30-35 hours per week. As school close on Saturday and Sunday and there’s plenty of Public Holiday, teachers have plenty of time to explore Malaysia tours. Kuala Lumpur job is a perfect place to teach English as it has all you need for a comfortable living place.

Searching ESL Teacher jobs in Malaysia

There are a lot of ways to search teaching jobs in Malaysia such as through the internet.  Many International School and agencies advertise the need of teachers online.  If you intend to find teaching job in Malaysia, you must do some effort to contact schools and agencies, lining up interviews before you depart Malaysia. Once you’ve arrived to Malaysia take sometimes to survey around, read and inspect the local newspapers and job sites such as New Strait Times, The Star and Job Street, as well as make contact with schools directly. Below are different types of ESL teacher jobs can be found in Malaysia:

International Schools

In addition to the Malaysian National Curriculum, Malaysia has many international schools. The schools offer students the opportunity to study the curriculum of another country. These schools mainly cater to the growing expatriate population in the country. Teachers in International schools are mostly the citizen of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. 

International school jobs are one of the best earning for English teachers in Malaysia. The popular and largest private International Schools in Malaysia is Garden International School. The school is offering a British-style education to the expatriate and local community in Kuala Lumpur. There are lots of international schools in Malaysia (especially in Kuala Lumpur) that follow either the American, British or Australian curriculum.  International schools in Malaysia such as: 

HELP International SchoolFairview International SchoolR.E.A.L SchoolsMelaka International School,  Australian International School, MalaysiaAlice Smith Schoolelc International schoolThe Garden International SchoolLodge International SchoolMont' Kiara International SchoolLycée Français de Kuala Lumpur, Horizon International Turkish School, International Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur, Chinese Taipei School, Kuala Lumpur  and The Chinese Taipei School, Penang, International School of Penang, Dalat International School in Penang, The Prince of Wales Island International School in Penang. 

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia in Private Language Academies/Schools

The British Council,   ELS and The International House are popular language schools in Malaysia.  These schools accept applications all year round.

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia in Public Schools

Malaysia public schools might not give you the earning as you may get from the international school.  It is because the education system is highly centralized with the main focus on standardized examinations. Local authorities have very little input into curriculum design, and you will largely be responsible for conventional classes. A common trained graduate teacher in Malaysia earns about US$889.84 per month.

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia - Private Lessons

Private English tutors are common in Malaysia. Tuition fee is likely not as much as that of private language schools.  Information on the market rate for tuition fees is difficult to obtain, but is likely to not be as much as that of private language schools. May be this can be your part-time job.

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia in Education City

EduCity is developed by Iskandar Investment Berhad.  EduCity located nearby Medini Iskandar, which is the central business district of Nusajaya.  EduCity will position to be a regional education hub.  It will house several universities for Malaysia and the region as well as sports and leisure facilities such as a stadium and an Olympic-length swimming pool. The idea is to create an international “student village”, where students from each university share access to the amazing recreational and sports facilities. 

Teachers Benefit

Teaching job in Malaysia can be expected to earn around RM3,000 to RM8,000 per month (minus tax around 10%). Normally you will get paid holidays, free health/medical insurance, and even reimbursement of your air travel on most year-long contracts. Some schools will also give you an accommodation allowance. If you have enough time you can become a Private English Tutors but the tuition fees is likely not to be as high as private language schools. You also can try teaching English online as a part time job.

If you intend to be teachers in Malaysia, accommodation is not a problem because there are many affordable accommodations around Kuala Lumpur and other cities. Take with you some of your savings to help with the expenses. 

TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language)

Teaching without a degree is possible, but you must have TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification.  Please be informed most Malaysia colleges, universities and schools prefer if you have a bachelor’s degree in teaching English.  

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