Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara one of the world's oldest tropical rainforest is Malaysia's premier national park and the largest Park in the country. Your holiday in Malaysia will not be complete without visiting this national treasure. 

Flora and fauna of National Park - By Malaysia Tourism Office Kuala Lumpur

The park has been developed into a famous ecotourism destination in Malaysia. There are several geological and biological attractions in the park. The Park is a picturesque region of forested plateaus, lofty peaks and green valley with clean, clear streams in an area covering 4,343 km².  It ranges in altitude from 120m to 2,150m (the summit of Gunung Tahan, the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia).  It is traversed by several rivers.  Of these, the Tembeling provides access to the park headquarters, Kuala Tahan.

The Park covers three states, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu.  The Park in Pahang is the largest at 2,477 km², followed by Kelantan at 1,043 km² and Terengganu at 853 km².  


There are many interesting activities for visitors to enjoy especially near the park headquarters in Kuala Tahan.  With a guide, the visitor could go walking the trails to take in the unique flora and fauna.  Experience the canopy walkway, bird watch, watch animal life such as Sumatran Rhinoceros at the hides, river trip, fishing trip, camping, picnic, jungle tracking and climbing activity.

Kuala Koh entrance to Taman Negara National Park - By Malaysia Tourism Office, Kuala Lumpur 

Other interesting activities visitors must not missed such as night walk and night safari, white water rafting, adventure of 7 rapids and a lot more.  If you are tough enough go for tough adventurous trip to Gunong Tahan the highest peak in the Peninsular of Malaysia.   Explore the many streams, rivers, caves hills and the forest itself. Take pleasure in a bracing swim in cool waters, a day's trek, a boat ride and even a spot of angling. Do not missed to see how aboriginee called ‘Batek’ use a blowpipe along the Tahan River and Tembeling River.  


Being as an administration centre there are a lot of facilities such as Police station, government clinic, school, mosque, community centre, internet café, bus station, restaurants and souvenir and grocery shops.  You can also find various types of accommodation ranging from budget hotels, dorms, luxury chalets and resorts. 


In Kuala Tahan, the Park maintains a rest house and six chalets with individual bathrooms.  The hotel is set up dormitory-style.  All these facilities have running water, electricity and modern sanitation.  Outside Kuala Tahan, Visitor Lodges and Fishing Lodges are available.  At these units, bedclothes, mosquito nets, crockery, cooking  tensils, water and firewood are provided.  Tinned foodstuff can be bought at the Rest House and brought along.

Entry Point

Kuala Tahan on the southern edge of the park is where the Park Headquarters is located.  It is accessible only via the Tembeling River. Kuala Tahan is about one hour drive from Jerantut Town via Padang Piol Felda Plantation to Kuala Tahan village. Kuala Tahan is the main village and entry point to the Park via road and river.

Hornbills in Taman Negara National Park- By Malaysia Tourism Office Kuala Lumpur

An alternative route or entry point to Taman Negara is via Kuala Koh in Kelantan.  Kuala Koh, is 90km or 2 hours drive by road on the Gua Musang-Kuala Krai Road.  The park can also be reached from Tanjong Mentong in Terengganu and Merapoh in Pahang.  The Park is also accessible from Kenong Rimba Park that lies in the south-western part of Taman Negara.


The Park is under the authority of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.  Accommodation facilities and activities at the Park are arranged by Taman Negara Resort which provides chalets, suites, guest rooms and bungalows.  The resort also maintains a rest house, a visitor’s lodge, a dormitory-styled hostel which can accommodate 64 visitors at any one time and a camp-site for use by visitors. It is advisable to book 14 days in advance, especially during the holiday season, and a deposit is required to confirm a reservation.  Bus or van transport to the park can be arranged when booking is made.  For further enquiries or bookings, contact:

  • Wildlife and Naional Parks Department, Km 10, Jalan Cheras,  56100 Kuala Lumpur, Tel:  03-9075 2872 Fax:  03-9075 2873, Email:  fuad@wildlife.gov.my
  • Taman Negara Resort, Kuala Tahan, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang Darul Makmur, El:  09-266 3500/266 2200, Fax:  09-266 1500

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