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Perak map the map that will guide you to the land of Grace. Covering some 21,000sq km, Perak lies between Kedah in the north and Selangor in the south. The Main Range cuts across the state of Perak (Negeri Perak) lying in dramatic combination to the flat plains of the western coastline.

Ipoh Railway Station - Picture courtesy Malaysia Tourism Office, Kuala Lumpur

The western coastline facing the Straits of Malacca and not far off its coast is number of offshore islands. The nearest is Pangkor island, off the coastal town of Lumut. Pangkor’s unique island lifestyle offers visitors a variety of experience and some outstanding beaches which is one of the the popular Malaysia attractions island.

Perak often referred to as a land of Grace, for its laid-back, timeless beauty. Through the Google maps sightseeing you will see that Perak is divided into nine districts and its major towns include old-style Anglo-Malay and Chinese mansions, colonial buildings, ancient limestone caves, temples and cool hill areas like the Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) station. The astute visitor will notice that the way of life is a little different here as compared to the Central region. There is a quiet urbanity as the locals go about their lives. The food is rated as some of the best in the region and visitors from other states often stop over at the restaurants and food centres in the state.

There are more map information and detail in Google satellite maps database such as town, road and street maps even you have sattelite photos on your search location. Browse the list destination below and follow the navigation to find the place you are interested in.

Perak Attractions Map

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The above Perak Attractions Map you will find:

Ipoh (1), Perak Stadium (2), Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (3), Istana Iskandariah (4), Masjid Ubudiah (5), Kolej Melayu Kuala Kangsar (6), Kellie's Castle (7), Taiping Lake Garden (8), Bukit Merah Laketown Resort (9), Pantai Teluk Batik (10), Lumut (11), Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor) (12), Pulau Pangkor Laut (13), Perak Turf Club (14), Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary (15), Tasik Temenggor Discovery Island (16), Leaning Tower Teluk Intan (17), Perak Tong (18), Sam Poh Tong Temple (19), Banding Lake Side Inn (20), Belum Forest Reserve (21), Tempurung Cave (Gua Tempurung) (22), Lata Iskandar (23), Lost World of Tambun (24), Zoo Taiping & Night Safari (25).

During a trip to Negeri Perak (Perak state) it is worth picking up some Malaysia travel maps to get your bearings in the city. You will note that each free map that is available at any tourist information centres has its own unique benefits. So choose the one that most suits your needs and take a couple of copies. Please note that the maps are made of paper so they may tear after a few days of usage. Instead, take a choice of Perak map and use them as and when required. 

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