Penang National Park Part2 -
Flora and Fauna

Penang National Park was to preserve and protect flora and fauna.  It also to preserve and protect the interests of geological, archaeological, historical, ethnological and other scientific and scenic. 

Beautiful flora view by the coastline

The park contains several different types of habitat.  There is a meromictic lake.  It is a lake that have some water remains partly or wholly unmixed with the main water mass at circulation periods.  Others habitat such as wetlands, mangroves, mudflats, coral reefs and turtle nesting beaches.

Flora and fauna

There are several features in Park which not been found in other major Malaysian nature reserves. There are about 417 flora and 143 fauna species in Park. Among the animals been seen at the park and its surroundings are dolphins, otters, Hawksbill turtles and monkeys.

Monkeys are common seen in Park

The main feature in the Park is Secondary forest. Park has long beach and it plants are abundantly ranging from rocky bonsai, timber and herbal plants. Trees and plants which can be found here include Chengal, Meranti Seraya, Jelutong, Gaharu, Tongkat Ali and Bintangor.

Park coast was dominated by disturbed secondary forest and hardy plants such as screw pines.  There are abundant of red paper-like bark of the pelawan trees.  Undergrowth and ferns spread between the trees.  Other trees planted such as casuarina trees, sea almond, cashew nuts and swaying coconut palms.

There are numerous mangrove trees can be found along the Tukun beach. Wild orchids can be seen on steep rocky slopes and cashew nuts are common here, indicating that some agricultural activities had taken place here many years ago. Fully-grown timber trees are found inside the forest beyond the coast. There are also pitcher plants (nepenthes spp), which managed to survive the coastal habitat.

Among the animals can be found such as the dusky leaf monkeys and the long tailed macaque. Big birds like the White Bellied Sea Eagles. Brahminy Kites and kingfisher occasionally can be see here.

Mammals such as wild boars, wild cats, civet cats, sea otters, mousedeer, rats, bats and squirrels and crabs, fishes and large prawns, monitor lizards and snakes are common here. There is also the occasional landing of turtles here.

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