Penang National Park Hiking

Penang National Park hiking will walk hikers to Eights of the best Penang beaches which are hidden away inside the Penang National Park.

The eight beaches in the park are Teluk Bahang, Teluk Tukun, Tanjung Aling, Teluk Duyung (Monkey Beach), Teluk Ketapang, Pantai Kerachut, Teluk Kampi and Pantai Mas. 

Penang National Park Entrance

Witness for yourself the nesting sea turtles, a meromictic lake with both saltwater and freshwater, bird watching, undeveloped beaches, and mangroves that await hikers who are ready to undertake the trails in the park. 

The three trails in the Park are steep and seem well managed. The canopy walkway offers a glimpse of life in the trees. It serves as a shortcut between the two main trails. Both main trails stairs will make hikers sweat. The Park management has provided a lot of luxury facilities to the trails and camping ground.  

Only 500 meters from the park entrance, you can choose which way you want to go. To the left you can visit Pantai Kerachut the beautiful beach where the sea turtles migrate for nesting on the beach. To the right you can visit Teluk Duyung (Monkey Beach) and Malaysia's second oldest lighthouse. It is possible to see the entire Park within a day.  Come early with lots of energy. Penang National park is definitely a good choice for a Penang holiday.

Penang National Park hiking - Teluk Bahang Beach

Teluk Bahang beach is a suitable camping site.  It is a cool and shady place for camping.  To reach the site hikers or campers start from Teluk Bahang roundabout then head direct towards the fishing jetty.  Then follow the trail numbered 1A and you will reach the camping site within just a short distance.

Teluk Bahang is an area where the Bahang Bay is situated. Visitors or hikers can see the beautiful scene of fishing jetty where there are built of mangrove timber, palm trunks and many fishing boats.

Park Trail Guide - decide where to go

Penang National Park hiking - Teluk Tuku

Teluk Tukun located about 20 minutes from Teluk Bahang fishing jetty.  To head Teluk Tukun use trail 1A-1B.  To reach Teluk Tukun beach visitors just walk by the side of the coast to reach it.  Tukun River runs into Teluk Tukun.  There are many camping site built along Tukun River.  There is a small island called Pulau Tukun Tengah opposite the Teluk Tukun.  Hikers and Campers will find several small swimming pools to rest and swim.

Penang National Park hiking - Tanjung Aling

Tanjung Aling located about 30 minutes from Teluk Bahang.  To get to Tanjung Aling visitor can follow the coastal trail via Sungai Tukun by following the trail number 1A-1B-1C.

Hiking to Tanjung Aling beach is easy to access.  It is also a camping ground for campers.  Visitors who walk to Muka Head (Teluk Duyung) will make Tanjung Aling as their resting place. The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has it research centre here.  The coastal areas and the forest at Tanjung Aling are being used for it research on bio-technology.  Tanjung Aling also has its own jetty to bring supplies.

Penang National Park hiking - Teluk Duyung (Muka Head)

Teluk Duyung (Muka Head) is located about one and half hours walking distance from Teluk Bahang. It is a beautiful bay protected by the Muka Head’s cape.   It can be access by using trail 1A-1B-1C-1D.  It also can be accessed from Teluk Bahang fishing jetty by boat during high tide only.

There is a majestic lighthouse on Muka Head’s peak.  It was built in 1883.  The lighthouse peak offers a panoramic view of the surrounding islands.  There is also an interesting historical artifact such as a burial ground of Indonesian Acheh that has been there at lease about 80 years.

Penang National Park hiking - Teluk Ketapang

Teluk Ketapang is originally known as Monkey Beach.  It is a small separated beach.  It can be access by boat from Teluk Bahang fisherman jetty.  Visitors who want to trail can use trails 1A-1B-1C-1D-2.  Teluk Ketapang has numerous sea almond trees known locally as Pokok Ketapang. 

I found this on the beach... look like pineapple

Penang National Park hiking - Pantai Kerachut

Pantai Kerachut is very popular with it attraction of meromictic lake.  It is also popular with its camping and picnic ground.  Pantai Kerachut is the beach that Green Sea Turtle “chelonian mydas” can be seen migrate for nesting on the beach.

Pantai Kerachut can be accessed from Teluk Bahang fisherman jetty about one hour and a half by using trail 1A-6A-6B-6C-6D-6E.   Visitors also can follow the track along the coast then cross a suspension bridge.  Continue by taking the path on the left which will leads away from the coast and reach Pantai Kerachut.

Penang National Park hiking - Teluk Kampi

Teluk Kampi can be accessed by the most common trail that is the one from Pantai Kerachut over Tanjung Keracut and down to Teluk Kampi.  Visitors can use trail 1A-6A-6B-6D-6E-8A-8B-8C. 

Teluk Kampi is another separated beach.  It has the longest beach in the park.  It will for sure make your trip easy and relax.  Among the attractions can be seen here such as an artifacts and history such as tell-tale sign of trenches that was found along the Northern coast which indicates a defense post for the Japanese Army during World War 2.   

Penang National Park hiking - Pantai Mas

Pantai Mas ia a golden beach.  It can be accessed with fishing boats only during high tides.  Another access is via the trails from United Hokkien Cemetery near Teluk Bahang.  The longger point is starting from Teluk Bahang.  The easier one will be from Pantai Acheh Village which will take about 45 minutes by using trail indication 15A-15B-15-C.

Pantai Mas which is formally a coconut plantation which is now close to civilization is now an overgrown wasteland, mud and mangroves.  The difficulty in accessing Pantai Mas by sea could be the reason why residents abandoned their homes here.

Penang National Park hiking - Bukit Telaga Batu

Bukit Telaga Batu highest point is Batu Itam at 1500 feet.  It located at the southern side of the Park.  Bukit Telaga Batu is about 1100 feet. There is а trail to Bukit Telaga Batu highest point by elevation but the trail has been closed down due erosion.  Please check with the Park management to confirm the current situation.

Return Boats

If you feel that it is not possible to walk back to the entrance, boats can be chartered from Monkey Beach and Pantai Kerachut to bring you back to the park entrance. Tickets must be purchased in advance before you begin your hiking.  It may be good to ask at the entrance how much the boat charge for return ticket. Penang National park may be one of the choices of Penang attraction for you to come and visits.

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