Malaysian Food Recipe

Malaysian food recipe heritage reflects the various cooking flavour of Malaysian cooking. Tourists who visit Malaysia can experience the variety of cuisine flavours and fashion while they stays in Malaysia. Many dishes or food in Malaysia are originated from multiple ethnic influences such as Malays, Chinese and Indians. Every ethnic having it own cooking recipe, different preparations, taste, decoration and with unique flavour.  

Tropical Spices for food recipe  Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Office, Kuala Lumpur

Every state in Malaysia has its own different food preparation and taste. Other than Malay, Chinese and Indian, there are also Nyonya cuisines and Indian Muslim cuisines. As Malaysia comprising 13 states, it is to be accepted that every state would have its best traditional Malaysian food.

Penang Food Recipe

For instance, Penang is famous for its Malaysian food recipe such as laksa or laksa paste which has also been called Penang laksa. 

Other famous Malaysia food recipe is the Nyonya version laksa paste with Malay influence. Laksa is of Malay origin but the Nyonyas/Nonyas or Penang Peranakan has their own version.

Laksa is certainly Malaysia's most popular noodle dish. It is rounded rice noodles served with gravy made from fish flakes and rich spices. The dish is garnished with vegetables and is certainly a healthy dish or low-fat-recipe not cooked with oil. Most interesting the ingredients are roughly estimated, never weighed. Try it at some of popular restaurant such at Rasa Utara Mid Valley Megamall

Asam Laksa Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Office Kuala Lumpur

Trengganu Food Recipe

Trengganu Nasi Dagang which is said is the rice that was eaten by trader on their business journey. 

The dish is mixes of rice and glutinous rice with coconut milk added once it is cooked. The rice is eaten with tuna curry and light vegetable pickles. 

Nasi dagang is, perhaps one of the most popular dishes representing food for states of Terengganu.

Perak Food Recipe

State of Perak especially in Ipoh is famous for dim sum (steamed snacks), chicken rice and hor fun (soft fluffy flat rice noodles).

Negeri Sembilan Food Recipe

State of Negeri Sembilan is famous for its spicy such as chili padi, hot curries and sambals traditional cooking. In Negeri Sembilan its most favorite dish is masak lemak lada api, in which meat, fish or vegetables are cooked in a coconut milk gravy laced with tumeric and hot chilli peppers.

Another favourite food in Malaysia is Lemang. It is also one of the popular Malaysian recipe in Negeri Sembilan and also well known by Malaysian. Lemang is rice rolls made by cooking glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk in a bomboo shaft over a wood fire. Slices of the sticky rolls are served with beef rendang cooked in a paste of fried grated coconut, lemon grass and other spices. 

Beef Rendang Recipe


1 1/4 liters Coconut milk from 2 old coconuts, 1 Turmeric leaf, torn and knotted, 5 Kaffir lime leaves, 1 stalk Lemon grass, bruised, 1-2 pieces Asam Gelugur, 10 Red chilies, finely sliced, 1 kg Beef, fat and sinew removed, cut into 3 cm cubes, Spices (ground), 3 tablespoons Chopped galangal, 1/2 tablespoon Chopped turmeric, 1/2 tablespoon Chopped ginger, 200 g Red chilies4 Shallots, Salt.

How to prepare:

Simmer coconut milk with turmeric leaf, kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, asam gelugur, sliced chilies and ground spices until the milk thickens and becomes oily. Reduce heat. Add beef and cook until tender. Stir occasionally until the spices dry and turn brown.

To serve:

Serve Beef Rendang with ketupat or hot rice.

The Indian cuisine and Malay cuisine use spices generously in their food, Chinese cuisine more subtle in their recipe while the Nyonya cuisine developed their own distinctive style of mouth-watering cooking. Although the Eurasians are small in number, they deserve a mention as they have cleverly perfected their own brand of cooking which is an exotic blend of east and west.

For those tourist and foodies who are interested in dining out, Malaysia will be the best recipe site to experience all the different cuisine. You can try Malaysian food recipe at hotel restaurants, elegant chain restaurants, sidewalk cafes, food court, and traditional coffee shops or eat out at the many hawker stalls. 

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