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Malaysia food the popular tourist attractions food recipes. It exposes the many of Malaysian cooking from the variety of ethnic groups in Malaysia that have their own dishes such Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food and western food.

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Among the famous food that like by all ethnic groups in Malaysia such as mee siam, murtabak, nasi dagang, roti bakar, rotijala, somtam and tenji.

Food in Malaysia cooked differs from place to place, but they are the same food. Different preparations have different taste and decoration, but commonly the ingredients used are the same. They are such Kelantan food, Negeri Sembilan food, Trengganu food, Johor food, Penang food and others.

Staple food in Malaysia is rice. Tourist come for Malaysia vacations will get to know and try rice. The variety of rice cooked in Malaysia come from the local padi fields. The largest padi field in Malaysia is in the rice bowl of Kedah state. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Malaysia.

Malaysia also imports rice from Thailand. There are many types of rice used in Malaysia such as the Indian basmati which is used in biryani dishes because its long grained shape, fragrance and delicate flavors. There are also Japanese short grain rice eaten by Malaysian.

Malaysian food recipe  incomplete without nasi lemak a popular food based on rice. The recipe of nasi lemak, steamed with coconut milk to get it special fragrance.

Nasi lemak normally served with spicy chili paste known as sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, sliced cucumber and hard boiled eggs. If you want for a more ample meal, let nasi lemak served you with a choice of curries. But a spicy meat stew called rending the most popular one. Nasi lemak is national heritage of Malaysia. It is one of the traditional malaysian food.

There are many types of food in Malaysia. Among are Malay food, Malaysian Indian food, Malaysian Chinese food, Nyonya food, Sarawak Indigenous Cuisine and Cross-cultural influence.

The favourite Teh Tarik – Picture Courtesy Tourism Malaysia Office, Kuala Lumpur

As for Malaysian dessert such as cendol, Ais kacang, pulut hitam, bubur cha cha, honeydew sago, pengat, Sago gula Melaka, pineapple tarts and many-many more.

Malaysia is halal hub in the world. The poultry in Malaysia is handled according to Halal standards. Beef is common in the Malaysian diet. Beef is cooked in curries, stews, roasted, or with noodles.

Malays generally eat beef that is halal. Malaysia import fresh halal beef from Australia. The information about halal beef from Australia can be found at AUS-MEAT Industry Information.

However certain religions followers such as Hinduism and some forms of Buddhism forbid the eating of beef. Other Malaysia foods are pork, mutton, seafood, fish, vegetables and fruit.

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