Malaysia Vacation Guide

Malaysia vacation guide the information about tourist attractions in Malaysia Holiday spot that Malaysia would offer the best of your vacation. Although Malaysia is one of the best emergent economies in Asia, but quiet a lot of it mountains, rivers, lakes and many Malaysia islands even now still fresh and uncontaminated.

Here are some guides for you to get to know about this attractive country. It is good to know the general Malaysia information that will enhance your stay. Make an effort to check about Malaysia vacation packages on line that available.


The most Malaysia vacation guide you would like to know is about Kuala Lumpur City. Kuala Lumpur vacation holiday spot will witness you to the many modern and historical buildings such as mosques, churches, and temples, shop house, and government office that merge together with the many developments going on day and night. With its green city and appealing skyline, Kuala Lumpur is admired to it most amazing Petronas Twin Towers, which has helped put Malaysia destinations one of the world most popular holiday spot to visit.

World Amateur Inter-Team Golf Championship - Courtesy byTourism Malaysia Office Kuala Lumpur

There are many choices for public transport. It is easy and cheap. The Hop On Hop Off Bus is a good way to get an overview of Kuala Lumpur City, look at the Hop On Hop Off website for prices and schedules. The Hop On Hop off Bus is very tourist and children friendly. The local Rapid KL bus visits various bus routes and more such as Batu Caves. Buy the tickets on the bus or visit the Rapid KL Website 


Malaysia attractions that should be on every tourist itinerary are Rantau Abang, which is about 60km south of Kuala Terengganu. Here, visitors can lie quietly in wait from midnight to morning to watch giant leatherback turtles come on shore to lay their eggs. The turtles, lumbering slowly up the white sandy beaches to lay eggs. These giant turtles grow up to 2.5m long and sometimes weigh more than 375kg. Rantau Abang is one of only six places in the world visited by these turtles, from the months of May to September. 


Another attraction that should be on every tourist itinerary is Kenyir Lake. Kenyir Lake became one of the most magnificent tourist sports in Terengganu as well as in Malaysia. Kenyir luxurious forest is located in the district of Hulu Terengganu, which lies at a longitude of 102 degree 40 minutes and 4 degree and 40 minutes in latitude. It is believed that the rain forest is the world oldest tropical rainforest. The forest also serves as a part of Malaysia National Park.

Highland Resort

Bukit Tinggi Resort is a hill resort situated in Pahang, Malaysia near Genting Highlands. It is popular for its French-themed village, Colmar Tropicale. Bukit Tinggi Resort portrays the extract of the different cultures of the world in a single unique destination! It is about 45 minutes' drive from Kuala Lumpur and 10km off the East-West Karak Highway, the resort covers 16,000 acres of rocky hills and mountains with lush tropical rainforests that make your journey most experience destination.

Where to Stay?

There are many affordable accommodations in Malaysia. The answer is Malaysia vacation rentals. No matter what vacation hot spots in Malaysia you're traveling, private accommodations are the way to go.

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