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Malaysia Tours offer the beautiful tourist attractions in Malaysia to explore the richness Malaysia culture, its historical heritage and natural magnificence.

Tourism Centre Kuala Lumpur - Courtesy by Tourism Office Kuala Lumpur

Whether it is testing your rock climbing skills, trekking through virgin forest scaling mountains, rafting down frothing rivers, dipping in the cool waters of waterfalls, swimming in calm blue waters, snorkeling or diving to enjoy underwater gardens, a host of other thrilling adventures await you. The Extraordinary array of choices caters to all ages and groups have been based on the shores of Malaysia.

Manmade architectural wonders, a blend of old world and futuristic also abound all around Malaysia.

One of the ’Must See' sights when travel to Malaysia, a celebration of astounding engineering feat is the famed Petronas Twin Towers located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The other is the majestic Menara Kuala Lumpur, in the capital city, the world's fourth tallest telecommunication towers and the tallest in Southeast Asia.

Architectural masterpieces from past ages can be seen in bustling Penang and also in Melaka city and even in parts of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Be prepared for touring to the beautiful island of Langkawi for fabulous exploration, conquer the highest mountain in Southeast Asia in Sabah or take a view of Kuala Lumpur City or enjoy Malaysian SPA services available.

This page will be followed by different Malaysia States attractions of tours categories that cover Malaysia culture, historical heritage, nature and Malaysian cuisine such Penang food and much more. It is all about the Malaysian life.

Where to stay and eat? No worry place to stay and eat is always available anywhere in Malaysia.

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