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Malaysia maps the easy way how to reach the popular tourist attractions in Malaysia hot spot. It show you the locations from the famous city of Kuala Lumpur to the finest tropical beaches of Penang and Malacca, all the way to the rainforests of Sarawak and Sabah states, that has to offer. It will ease tourist to find a place in all destinations. 

Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur courtesy by Malaysia Tourism Office, Kuala Lumpur

Google Map of Malaysia

Tourist may contact Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) in Kuala Lumpur to provide them the Malaysia Maps.  Below is the Google Map for your reference: 

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The above you will find:

State of Selangor (1), State of Perak (2), State of Penang (3), State of Kedah (4), State of Perlis (5), State of Negeri Sembilan (6), State opf Malacca (Melaka) (7), State of Johor (8), State of Kelantan (9), State of Terengganu (10), State of Pahang (11), State of Sabah (12), and State of Sarawak (13). You also will find Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (14), Federal Territory of Labuan (15) and Federal Territory of Putrajaya (16).

Malaysia Map

States of Selangor Map

Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, its nine districts cover about 125,000sq km. Much of the land in Selangor is developed but there are still large areas under vegetation which range from coastal mangroves to lush tropical rainforests. The state capital is at Shah Alam which is also the royal town.

States of Perak Map

Perak has a western coastline facing the Straits of Malacca and not far off its coast are number of offshore islands. The nearest is Pangkor island, off the coastal town of Lumut. Pangkor’s unique island lifestyle offers visitors a variety of experience and some outstanding beaches.

States of Penang Map

The state of Penang consists of the island of Penang and a strip of land on the main land known as Seberang Perai (formerly, Province Wellesley). The two land masses are linked by the Penang Bridge, one of the longest in Asia at 13.5km. Penang is also connected by a ferry to the mainland.

States of Kedah Map

Alor Star is the capital of Kedah and the seat of government and royalty. It is also the main commercial centre of the state Langkawi, the most well-known islnd on the peninsula, falls under Kedah’s jurisdiction. Other districts include Kubang Pasu, Padang Terap, Kota Star, Sik, Yan, Kuala Muda, Baling, Kulim, Bandar Baharu and Pendang.

States of Perlis Map

Main town in the state include Kangar, Arau, Kuala Perlis and Padang Besar. Kuala Perlis is an important ferry terminal for visitors heading for the famed island of langkawi while Padang Besar is one of the major entry points for visitors from Thailand travelling by road or rail into Peninsular Malaysia.

States of Negeri Sembilan Map

The state has one of the most accessible beaches closet to the federal capital known as Port Dickson, which is popular with weekenders. But besides this famous beach, in the way of sightseeing, there is a little bit of everything for everyone, from the history buff to the nature lover.

States of Malacca Map

The above Maps showed Malacca States lying between the states of Negeri Sembilan and Johore on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the historical city of Melaka was an important trading post in Malaysia’s early history and attracted Asian, Chinese and Indian traders from the region.

States of Johore Map

This lush and virgin lowland diptreocarp forest is home to several rare and endangered species including the two-home rhinoceros. Its rocks and hills have been estimated to be nearly 250 million years old. Johor also contains some of the best golf courses in the country.

States of Kelantan Map

Kelantan is a unique travel destination because of its splendid beaches, rich cultural heritage, ornate handicrafts and wood carvings.

States of Terengganu Map

Trengganuis a paradise for beach combers as its main attraction are its beaches, Leatherback turtles and unspoilt islands. Terengganu map is best for east coast guide.

States of Pahang Map

The state has a population of more than a million people. It lays claim to having Peninsular Malaysia’s longest river, the Sungai Pahang, and its highest peak, the 2,187-metre high Gunung Tahan.

States of Sabah Map

Sabah is mountainous with lush tropical rainforests and its population of nearly two million is made up of 32 colourful ethnic communities. Sabah also well known as it Borneo scuba diving.

States of Sarawak Map

Sarawak shares its boundaries with Kalimantan in the south and Brunei and Sabah in the north. Sarawak is Malaysia’s largest state, covering an area of 124,450sq km and is divided into nine Divisions with the city of Kuching as its capital.

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