Malacca City

Malacca City the magnificent tourist attractions in Malaysia. Malaysia tours would incomplete if you not visit to this city. The city of Malacca is famous for it site of the original Portuguese fort of A’Famosa and St. Paul’s Church still remain. The City is divided into the new and old sections.

Melaka Sultanate Palace, Malacca - Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Offce, Kuala Lumpur

The older part of the Historical City is fairly compact and tucked into the nooks and crannies of its narrow streets. Much of the remnants of city are glorified past lie within the Town Square and waterfront area near the river which are an easy walk.

Across the Malacca River, is the new section of Malacca City which lies and is mostly built on land reclaimed from the Malacca Strait. It has modern shopping centres like the Mahkota Parade and is a food, entertainment area and hotel such the Century Mahkota Hotel Melaka.

The Stadhuys - Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Office, Kuala Lumpur

Outside Melaka town, there are Air Keroh district close to the North-South Expressway which has many recreational theme parks which includes the traditional style of housing of all the 13 states of Malaysia call The Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park. There are also a few offshore islands and beaches outside Malacca City.

Founded by a refugee prince named Parameswara, Melaka rose to become a powerful nerve centre of trade between East and West. Its trade of spice, gold, silk, tea, opium, tobacco and perfumes attracted the attention of colonial powers from the West and Melaka was later governed at various times by three colonial rulers the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English (English East India Company). Some parts of the city still retain an old-world charm in the legacy of buildings and architecture left by Melaka’s past rulers.

The local population of Malacca City reflects an engaging inter-cultural heritage of customs, festivals and variety of cuisine. Particular attractions include the Portuguese Settlement, the Dutch Stadhuys government buildings, Porta de Santiago and the Baba Nyonya ancestral homes in the heart of the city.

Hang Tuah Mouseluem

Places of interest in Malacca (Melaka) such as The Stadhuys, Mini Malaysia Park or Mini Asean Park, History Museum, The Ethnographic Museum, Literature Museum, Saint Paul’s Church, A’ Famosa (Port De Santiago), Cultural Museum, Proclamation of Independence Memorial, Christ Church, Malaysian Youth Museum, Saint John’s Fort, Maritime Museum, Royal Malaysian Navy Museum, St. Peter’s Church.

Other places of interest in Malacca such as Melaka’s Chinatown, The Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum, Jonkers Street, Kampung Hulu Mosque, Kampung Kling, Mosque, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Sam Po Kong Temple (also known as San Poh Teng Temple), Bukit Cina and Hang Li Poh’s Well (also known as Perigi Raja), Portuguese Square, Tranquerah Mosque, Air Keroh Road, Air Keroh Recretional Park, Melaka Zoo, Melaka Reptile Park, Melaka Crocodile Farm, Butterfly Farm, Gadek Hot Springs, Hang Tuah’s Well, Dol Said’s Grave, Megalithic Stones, Ayer Keroh Golf and Country Club and many more.

Tanjung Kling is a coastal town about 10km north-west of Melaka with numerous condominiums and hotels situated all along the coastal road. It is a regular weekend retreat for eating out and relaxation for Malaysia vacations. Pantai Kundor is about 2km further down. It has a nice beach with a good stretch of white sand.

St. John Fort, Malacca Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Office Kuala Lumpur

Getting to Malacca

Air: The airport is located at Batu Berendam about 10km from the town centre. Most top class hotels have limousine or taxi airport shuttle services available.

The MAS office (06-283 5722) is in the City Bayview Hotel but MAS does not fly to Melaka.

Road: There are a number of bus companies that service the Kuala Lumpur/Melaka route daily, as well as between Melaka and other towns and cities. To get to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur, you can take an express bus at the Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.

Rail: Melaka has no railway station of its own and the nearest station is on the main north-south line at Tampin, 38km north of Melaka. Visitors travelling by rail would have to disembark at Tampin. From there one can continue the journey to Melaka by taxi or bus.

Taxi: Taxis leave from the taxi station just opposite the local bus station and operate to Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson, Johor Bahru, Seremban and Mersing. Rates are between RM20-RM30.

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