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Welcome to Jobs Malaysia on Tourist Attractions in Malaysia site where Jobs opportunities is getting busier in Malaysia. The robust increase jobs opportunities in the various groups will generate strong labor needs that will enhance and strengthen the economy of Malaysia.

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Malaysia is experiencing major development and economic growth, giving rise to an upturn in its tourist, residential and commercial property markets, textile careers, cars Malaysia careers and others sectors. 

Work in Malaysia will require the talents of the best in the field of regional planning, implementation, coordination, control, management, finance and promotion to ensure the success of Malaysia. An example of the development that is being done is Iskandar Malaysia.

Malaysia offers a unique opportunity to be part of a special team that will bring the vision of a new Asian metropolis progress containing the elements of investment, work, live and play. There are many attractions jobs available in Malaysia in the respective areas.

Real Estate Careers

Malaysia property is currently in the early stages of a promising growth spurt. Due to a strong economic climate and new government policies to encourage foreign investment in real estate Malaysia, many worldwide property purchasers are currently looking to Malaysia as a lucrative property market in which to invest.

You can search for Property for sale Malaysia here. If you wish to buy Malaysia apartments find it here

Jobs Malaysia in Semiconductor and Electronic Industries

There are many multinational companies (MNCs) in Malaysia. One of the MNC companies that had long time investing in Malaysia is Intel. If you are searching for job opportunities in semiconductor and electronic sectors, Intel career may the best for you. If you intend to seek jobs in Intel, you can check the detail at Intel jobs.

Higher Education Careers

Career in Higher Education in Malaysia also promising job for native English speakers such as teaching English either in a private or Malaysian Government university, college, school or through private lessons.

There is an increase demand in this sector, as many schools are introducing subjects which are taught in English. You should definitely be able to find something in this sector.

If you want to find this job before coming to Malaysia check the TEFL site for further information.

What language is spoken to apply job in Malaysia? The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia. English is also official for some purposes. Most of multinational companies in Malaysia prefer an English spoken candidate.

Part Time Internet Jobs

With more and more Malaysian homes wired with high-speed internet, there is no better time than now to do part time internet jobs. Moreover, more and more public access areas are now connected with wireless broadband and doing your own business is now even more versatile like never before.

Some part time or work at home job such as promoting business like Amway, K-Link, Cosway etc. Others popular part time jobs such as doing survey job through internet, promoting Malaysia as a popular holiday spot and many more.

Malaysian Job Hunting Websites

It is very common to search for jobs in Malaysia on the internet and there are plenty of such sites available for the Malaysian job market.

The Malaysia Jobs Directory offers an overview of the most common Malaysian job hunting websites.

If you are already in Malaysia, have a look into the classifieds of the main regional or national newspapers. Two of those, which are available in English and also online, are the New Straits Times and The Star.

Fraud Job Opportunity

For more clarification of doing business in Malaysia, you may contact Malaysia Industrial Development Corporation (MIDA) office in your home country. More information about employment fo foreign worker in Malaysia can be found in MIDA website.

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