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Food in Malaysia is among the Asia's top food recipes. It is an enticing blend of cuisine and unique. The multi cultural nature of Malaysia’s population has provided a rich legacy of local cuisine and creative styles of preparation. The staggering variety of food, deserts and fruits found throughout the nation ensures that eating out anywhere, be it in a country setting, island or town, is a pleasant encounter.

Malaysia Cuisine Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Office, Kuala Lumpur

The unique and authentic cooking styles and flavours of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine is an experience to be enjoyed throughout your Malaysian vacations. Dinning or eating out is a relatively inexpensive experience. Visitors can dine in five-star hotels, food courts, hawker centres, ‘kopitiam’ or coffeeshops, restaurant and fast food chain outlets. 

The multi-cultural characteristic of Malaysia appears alive in its cuisine that gives delightful culinary treat for all. Malaysia Food is not only eclectic, but also multicoloured in the way it has characteristics of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya and Portuguese foods. As regards the traditional Malay food, it is exemplified by different spices and flavors. Amongst the popular Malaysian delicacies are Satay, Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Roti Canai, Murtabak, Laksa, Chicken Rice and Fried Noodles.

Chinese food that has become an indivisible part of Malaysian cuisine are steamed seafood dumplings with shark's fin, steamed crabsticks stuffed with fish paste, steamed soft noodles with shrimps, and deep-fried dumplings with salted eggs and red bean paste.

Since a considerable population of Indians resides here, Indian gastronomy style is used frequently in the country. Here you can find numerous restaurants which are dedicated to serve North Indian and South Indian foods.

Nyonya food, which is essentially a combination of Chinese and Malay foods, is very much liked by the Malaysians and is served by many restaurants in the name of Straits Chinese food or Lauk Embok Embok. Eating out in Malaysia is real fun in the company of various restaurants that serve Thai, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Continental and Portuguese cuisines. While traveling in a foreign country, one must try out its cuisine but if, you don't want to, there are many restaurant Malaysia (Malaysia restaurants) such as Saloma Bistro & Theatre Restaurant  that would take care of your choice. 

Varying from five-star restaurants to road-side food stalls, you can relish the variety of Malaysian traditional food that available in Malaysia. Whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, options are endless for you to choose from. Have pleasure in noodles prepared in Hokkien and Cantonese styles, Chinese Dim Sum served with spicy curries, Indian Masala Dosa, nyonya delicacies or any other gastronomic delight. If you don't want to eat from the above-mentioned options, international fast food chains would definitely please your taste-buds of food in Malaysia.

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