Ferries to Malaysia

Tourists travel on ferries to Malaysia via many ports.  There are several ferry promoters that sailing in Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines take passengers to many  entries port in Malaysia.  

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Langkawi Island is one of the popular entry ports in Malaysia especially by ferry promoter from Thailand. Tourists who like to visit Penang can extend their travel from Langkawi entry port to Penang.

There are many interesting attractions to see in Penang Island such as Penang beach, Penang Botanical Garden, Penang National Park and many others.  About schedule and fare you can visit Langkawi Ferry Sdn. Bhd.

From Penang you may visit the main land of Malaysia and travel to Kuala Lumpur by train KTMB International Express or by express coach.  To cross between the Penang Island to the main land you may board the Penang Ferry located at the Weld Quay Jetty at Penang Island side.

In East Malaysia, entry port in Sabah also popular by ferry promoter from neighboring country to bring their passengers to Malaysia entry port or terminal.  One of the popular ferry promoter is Philippines ferry Weesam Express.  Weesam Express has it schedule and fare to Sandakan ferry terminal.

Singapore Cruise also sail from Singapore and sometimes Phuket (Thailand) to Malaysia and some make their trips with starting in Singapore with stops in Port Klang, Penang, Pulau Pangkor and Malacca More about Malaysia cruise you can check at Malaysia Cruise Departures.

Ferries from Singapore

Tanjung Pengerang Ferry Terminal, Johor:  There are daily ferries to Malaysia that run to and from Changi Point in Singapore.  All ferries arrive and depart from Tanjung Pengerang Terminal in Johor, Malaysia.  Tanjung Pengerang is one of the tourists favorite entry point to Malaysia.  Pengerang is an area at the southeastern tip of Johor, to the south of Desaru. The name is usually used to cover the dock and immigration post at Tanjung Pengelih, the village of Kampong Pengelih and the nearby town of Sungai Rengit.

Sebaha Golf & Marina, Johor - Courtesy by Tourism Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Sebana Cove Resort:  There are daily ferries run to and from Tanah Merah Terminal in Singapore.  All ferries arrive and depart from the Sebana Cove, Johor, Malaysia.  The resort is located in the Southeast corner of Peninsular Malaysia.  The resort is about 50 minutes ferry ride to Singapore, 10 minutes by car to Desaru Beach, 90 minutes by car to Johor Bahru and 5 hours by car to Kuala Lumpur.  It is a popular and relaxing weekend getaway from Singapore.  It has natural and lush greenery of palm oil plantations, mangrove swamps and virgin tropical forests.  A convenient passenger ferry service will transport you directly into Sebana Cove, Johor, where a short scenic walk will take you into the resort or a five minutes drive, by shuttle service, down to the golf course.  

Tanjung Belungkur Terminal in Johor:  There are daily ferries run to and from Changi Point in Singapore and Batam and Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia.  All ferries arrive and depart from Tanjung Belungkur Terminal.   On 16th May 2002, StarCruise (M) Sdn. Bhd, the biggest cruise ship company in Asia, took over the service from Tanjung Belungkor to Changi Terminal and made Tanjung Belungkur Terminal the homeport for its cruise ships such as Megastar Aries and Megastar Taurus.

Tanjung Pengeleh Jetty:  There are daiily ferries run to and from Tanah Merah Terminal in Singapore and Tanjung Pinang and Batam in Indonesia.  Ferries arrive and depart from Tanjung Pengeleh, Jetty in Johor, Malaysia. 

Malaysia vacations could be easy where several ferries to Malaysia from Southern Thailand. Run daily/weekly to popular Malaysia resorts in Langkawi such as Awana Porto Malai.  Awana Pier at Awana Porto Malai is the arrival point for several ferries from Thailand and Langkawi also a popular stopping point Singapore Cruise. For more information about the current procedure for visa requirement to entre Malaysia by ferry or cruise please visit Malaysia Visa Website.

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