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By ferries to Malaysia vacations could be easy where several ferries from Southern Thailand run daily/weekly to popular Malaysia resorts in Langkawi Island such as Awana Porto Malai.  Awana Pier at Awana Porto Malai is the arrival point for several ferries from Thailand.

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Kuah Jetty, Langkawi:  There are daily ferries run to and from Tammalang Pier Terminal.  All ferries arrive and depart from the Kuah Jetty, Langkawi Island.  

As the passengers get off from boats or ferries, they are welcomed by the most famous attraction of Langkawi the "Eagle Square".  It is a 12-meter high monument of a brown eagle beautifully landscaped also contains a small park, beautiful ponds, patios and restaurants.

Awana Pier, Langkawi:  There are daily ferries to Malaysia run to and from Rassada Pier, Phuket, Tonsai Pier, Phi Phi, Saladan Pier, Lanta, Beach Jetty, Koh Lipe, Beach Jetty, Koh Mook, Beach Jetty, Koh Ngai, Beach Jetty, Koh Kradan, Hat Yao Pier, Trang, Maphrao Pier, Koh Libong.  All ferries arrive and depart from the Awana Pier, Langkawi Island.  

There are no great facilities at the pier, the best thing to do is get in a taxi and head for either Kuah (a fairly busy town centre with shops, ATMs and restaurants, plus the popular tourist attraction Eagle Square), or one of the main beach roads such as Pantai Cenang. Address: Awana Pier, next to "Resorts World Langkawi", Tanjung Malai 07000 Langkawi

Telaga Harbour Terminal:  There are daily ferries to Malaysia run to and from Koh Lipe.  Ferries arrive and depart fromTelaga Harbour in Langkawi.  Telaga Terminal is a division of Telaga Harbour Sdn. Bhd., the managers for Telaga Harbour Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia.  

Telaga Terminal is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable Tourism Island Transfer and Excursions within Langkawi waters up to Koh Lipe, Thailand. The Terminal is a 15 minute drive from the Langkawi International Airport and 35 minutes to Kuah Town the main Ferry Terminal.

Pengkalan Kubur:  There are daily ferries run to and from Ban Taba, Tak Bai in the province of Narathiwat, Thailand.  Ferries arrive and depart from Pengkalan Kubor Terminal in Kelantan. Pengkalan Kubor located in the district of Tumpat in Kelantan.  

It is Malaysia border town on the Malaysia and Thailand border.  It has tax-free selling goods such as clothes, footwear dan kitchenware at very affordable prices that attracts many tourists.  It has bus and taxi stands.  From Tumpat Town to Pengkalan Kubor Town is about 7 km and 23 km from  Kota Baharu City.

Bukit Bunga in Kelantan:  There is daily passenger boat run to and from Ban Buketa in the province of Narathiwat, Thailand to Bukit Bunga.  Boats arrive and depart from Bukit Bunga Terminal in Kelantan.  It is  a border village located at Malaysia-Thailand border in Kelantan, Malaysia. 

With the opening of the Bukit Bunga-Ban Buketa Bridge on December 21, 2007 Bukit Bunga has become the latest border crossing between Malaysia and Thailand and the town of Ban Buketa in Amphoe Waeng, Narathiwat Province just across the border.  

Bukit Bunga is 30 km from Tanah Merah, Kelantan along East-West highway.  In the past decades Bukit Bunga has become one of the main entry points to Thailand from Malaysia. It had its own Police Station in 1981, and it also has a school, a customs department and an Immigration Department. Lately, it has become a hub for local tourists in search of Thai goods.

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