Beaches in Malaysia 

Beaches in Malaysia are among the world's most idyllic beaches for Malaysia vacations. There are over 4,600km of coastline in Malaysia.

Redang beach

Beaches in West Coast Peninsula of Malaysia

The West Coast has relatively few of the classic golden sand beaches. This is because much of the shore is lined with mangrove forests or muddy swamps and many of Malaysia's mighty rivers, flowing westwards into the Malacca Strait, deposit their silt, sediment and vegetation onto the muddy shorelines.

The West Coast is scattered with a number of paradise islands of Malaysia and a number of beautiful beaches in Malaysia located at the north of west coast such as Langkawi Island, the famous Penang beaches of Feringhi, and the sparkling sand beaches of Teluk Nipah in Pangkor Island. Toward south west coast there are Bagan Lalang beach in Selangor, Port Dickson beach in Negeri Sembilan and Tanjung Bidara Beach in Malacca.

Below is the list of information about beaches in Malaysia at the west coast peninsular Malaysia:

Langkawi Island

  • Beaches: Burau Bay, Tanjung Rhu
  • Resorts: The Datai, Berjaya Beach & SPA Resort, The Andaman, Geopark Hotel, Langkawi Lagoon Resort, Mutiara Burau Bay Resort.

Payar Island

  • Beaches: Marine Park, Pantai Damai.
  • Snorkeling spots: Langkawi Coral Pontoon, Marine Park Beach.
  • Diving sites: Coral Garden, Lembu Rock.

Penang Island

  • Beaches: Batu Feringgi, Pantai Miami, Monkey Beach, Teluk Kampi Beach.
  • Resorts: Mutiara Beach Resort, Bayview Beach Resort, Casuarina Beach Resort

Pangkor Island

  • Beaches: Golden Sands Beach, Pulau Giam, Teluk Nipah.
  • Resorts: Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Swiss Garden Damai Laut
  • Snorkeling spots: Golden Sands Beach, Giam Island.

Beaches in East Coast Peninsula of Malaysia

The nicest beach in Malaysia are at the East Coast of the peninsula. There are some of Malaysia's nicest islands such as Perhentian and Redang. Both island have good tourist infrastructure and receive a large number of tourists.

Tioman Island of the east coast has direct flight connections to Kuala Lumpur, but is not as impressive as other east coast islands. For sea activities It is not advisable to visit these islands during the Monsoon Season from November to March as the waves can be quite strong during this time.

Below is the list of information about beaches in Malaysia at the east coast of peninsular Malaysia:

Tioman Island

  • Beaches: Tulai, Salang, Paya, Air Batang, Tekek, Genting, Lalang.
  • Resorts: Berjaya Beach Golf & SPA, Japamala Resort, Panuba Inn, Salang Pusaka Resort, Salang Indah Resort, Salang, Salang Sayang Resort, Salang Beach Resort, Ella’s Place.
  • Snorkeling Spot: Salang Reef.
  • Diving Sites: Pulau chebeh, Malang Rock, Tokong Bahara, Salang Wreck, Pulau Renggis, Salang Reef North, Labas Rock, Pulau Soyak.
  • Popular Site: Semukut Twin Peaks
  • Fligh and Airlines: Berjaya Air 

Aur & Dayang Island

  • Beaches: Natu Kembar, Teluk Ba’ai, Pasir Putih, Teluk Berhala.
  • Resorts: Diver’s Lodge, Bluewater Resort, Atlantis Bay, Dayang Blues.

Rawa Island

  • Beaches: Main Beach.
  • Resorts: Rawa Safaris Island Resort, Le Club Rawa.

Redang Island

  • Beaches: Teluk Dalam, Pasir Panjang Kecil, Pasir Panjang Besar, Pasir Kalong, Pulau Pinang.
  • Resorts: Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, Redang Beach Resort, Coral Redang Resort, Redang Holiday Resort, Redang Pelangi Resort, Redang Bay Resort, Redang Lagoon Resort, Redang Reef Resort, Redang Kalong Resort, Ayu Mayang Resort, Desa Green Beach Resort.
  • Snorkeling Spots: Turtle Bay, The Highway, Marine Park Jetty, Tanjung Mak Cantik, Tanjung Tengah, Pulau Paku, Teluk Mat Dollah, Aziz Reef.
  • Diving Sites: Pulau Paku Kecil, Pulau Kerengga (Part I), Pulau Kerenggan (Part II).
  • Flight and Airlines: Berjaya Air

Tenggol Island

  • Beach: Teluk Air Tawar.
  • Resorts: Tenggol Aqua Resort, Tenggol Island Beach Resort, Tenggol Resort.
  • Diving Sites: Tokong Timur, Tanjung Api.

Perhentian Island

  • Beaches: Teluk Pauh, Pulau Rawa, Long Beach, Tokong Burung, Teluk Dalam.
  • Resorts: Tuba Bay Island Resort, Coral View Island Resort, Bubu Long Beach Resort, Arwana Perhentian Resort, Flora Bay Resort, Samudra Beach Chalet, Fauna Beach Chalet, Everfresh Beach Resort.
  • Snorkeling Spots: Teluk Pauh, Long Beach, Pulau Rawa, Tokong Burung Tanjung Basi.
  • Diving Sites: Tokong Laut, Terumbu Tiga.

Lang Tengah Island

  • Beaches: Pasir Air, Pasir Mat Hassan.
  • Resorts: D’Coconut Lagoon, Redang Lang Island Resort.
  • Snorkeling Spots: Batu June, Karang Bahar.
  • Diving Sites: Karang Bahar, Karang Nibong.

Gemia Island

  • Beaches: Gemia Beach.
  • Resorts: Gemia Island Resort & SPA.

Beaches in East Malaysia of Sabah

The best beaches in Malaysia are in East Malaysia. There are on the islands of Sabah's coast, particularly those around Semporna like Sibuan, Mataking, Sipadan and others. Sipadan Island attracts a huge number of divers because of its pristine waters with excellent visibility.

Below is the list of information about beaches in the east Malaysia of Sabah:

Sipadan Island

  • Beaches: Jetty Beach.RESORTS: Dragon Inn Semporna, Seafest Hotel, Seafest Inn, Scuba Unkie Backpackers, Sipadan Inn.
  • Snorkeling Spots: Jetty Drop-Off, West Ridge.
  • Diving Sites: Barracuda Point, Midreef, South Point, Jetty Drop-Off.

Mabul Island

  • Beach: Main Beach.
  • Resorts: Sipadan Water Village Resort, Sipadan-Mabul Resort, Kapalai Dive Resort.
  • Snorkeling Spots: Lobster Wall

TAR Marine Park

  • Beaches: Pulau Sapi, Palau Manukan, Malohom Bay, Pulau Mamutik.
  • Resorts: Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Gayana Island Resort, Nexus Karambunai Resort, Shangri-La Ria Resort, Manukan Island Resort.
  • Diving Sites: Hanging Garden, Sulug WestSNORKELING SPOTS: Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi.
  • Snorkeling Spots: Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi.

Beaches in the East Malaysia of Sarawak

The beaches off Sarawak's coast especially those around Kuching such as Damai Beach, Pandan Beach, Sematan Beach are relatively unimpressive.

Below is the list of information about beaches in the east Malaysia of Sarawak:


  • Beaches: Semantan Beach, Damai Beach, Pandai Beach.
  • Resorts: Damai Beach Resort, Damai Puri Resort and SPA, Semantan Palm Beach Resort.

Beaches in East Malaysia of Labuan

Below is the beaches in the East Malaysia of Labuan:

Labuan Island

  • Beaches: Layang-layang Beach, Pancur Hitam Beach, Pohon Batu Beach.

Map of Malaysia

Instead of printed map of Malaysia, to Travel in Malaysia you might also use the PDA Maps (Personal Digital Asistant) for GPS road navigation which will navigate you from one place to another as for your Malaysia vacation guide direct from your mobile phone.

Flight to Malaysia and Malaysia Domestic Flight

If you plan to visit beaches in Malaysia there is Malaysia Airlines flies to all national airport destinations. Malaysia Airlines also offers a variety of special fares to the various groups.

There are also special rates on domestic fares applicable to the passengers for several destinations please enquire at: Malaysia Airlines. For Sabah and Sarawak domestic flights and routes, you can check at Mas Wings webpage. Other Airlines in Malaysia such as Air AsiaFire Fly, and Berjaya Air.

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