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Hi! Here is a little about me. How is that for me to introduce myself in this Tourist Attractions in Malaysia? Let me say, I proud to say I am Malaysian and very grateful to have an opportunity to creat this website. I hope visitors could enjoy this website which is about Malaysia. 

As a Malaysian I am very grateful to Malaysia Culture that enable us to work together to prosper Malaysia to become Industrial Nation in the year 2020. Malaysia  Boleh and Malaysia Truly Asia.

Me and daughter In Newark Airport New Jersey, NY, USA

I have been working in City of Dhaka, Bangladesh for five years and in Manhattan, New York, United States of America for five years where in Manhattan I worked in Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the United Nations. 

Now I am back to Malaysia and here am I started very eager to write something to promote my beautiful green country Malaysia through my learning with Site Build It! (SBI!)  

Me (green jacket stand behind), Salim and his son in New Jersey, NY

I have four children, whom all of them have excellent spoken in American English. All of them have been studied in Malaysia, in the Dhaka American International School and various Public Schools in Manhattan, New York. Now, all of them already work in the private sector. 

The first daughter is working with one of the most success company in Malaysia.  She work there as a Brand Manager. 

The second eldest daughter is working as a Brand Manager also in a well known Japanese company deal with beauty product in Malaysia. She had been given a job to develop a product which could be used by Muslim users. 

The third daughter is an Methodology Engineer working in one of the company own by Malay Cooperate in Shah Alam, Selangor. 

The fourth is a young man that graduated in Civil Engineering. Soon he graduated from college he had been called to work as Quality Engineer in one of the Construction Company in Malaysia.

My wife by limousine in Manhattan

I like travelling and taking picture. The one that most interested me is to travel in the country and taking picture. Although my skill in photograph is not that excellent, but I can say that is good enough for my own files. Other hobbies interested me is reading book and writing and go around with children. 

The Tourist Attractions in Malaysia website is my effort to announce that Malaysia is a very beautiful green country you must not missed to visit if you have fortunate to come here. 

I am Thank you very much to the fellow in the office of Tourism Malaysia being cooperate to let me using their documents such as picture, books, etc. Here is how I started to built this website. Thank you for visiting About Me site. 

Abd Hamid Mansor,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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